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We help our clients build simple, effective strategies that work. And then we help them implement. And get enhanced results. And we have fifteen years of experience in solving sales problems of many different kinds, across an array of industries.

Muitheri Wahome, former Executive Head of the Client Channel, Alexander Forbes Investments

“I worked with Brent Burgoyne of redvooma for a period of a year during which time we worked on a number of critical projects including:

– the reorganisation and integration of teams
– leadership and team coaching
– the development of a change management process to embed the new way of working
– the development and the successful embedding of a new client engagement process
– the creation of a new model (the CREATE framework) for the complex sale

The significant body of work that has taken place has created a solid foundation for the cultural change that is taking place in our business. Brent leaves a team that has grown in confidence and in stature that is well equipped to address the challenges and opportunities.

Brent’s journey as a consultant and academic means that he has a special and often quirky way of bringing out the best in the people that he interacts with. Importantly, when Brent provides a framework, he ensures that the team enhances the ideas through co-creation resulting in true ownership of the new ways of working.

He was an invaluable resource and coach to the team. In his time here, there has been a significant shift in the maturity of the leadership team, positive results from the new, modern methods of client engagement, new business wins using the CREATE model for the complex sale.

Together we have integrated teams, reinvented the way we work, launched a new client engagement and sales process and grown leaders.

I would recommend Brent Burgoyne to anyone looking for a collaborative, 21st century approach to skilful problem solving.”

Derrick Msibi, former MD, Investment Solutions, a Division of Alexander Forbes

“Brent was a key contributor in helping the IS executive team find its core purpose and singularly focus on it.

His energy and enthusiasm for the individuals in the team enabled all team members to gel very well and develop a strong team ethos which enabled us to reach our asset growth objectives almost 6 months earlier than planned.”




Mark Acton, Managing Director, Mobinomics
“Mobinomics is a young, niche telecoms IT consultancy with ambitious plans (staff complement of 40). We have experienced rapid growth in size over the last 12 months within a single customer. It’s no ordinary customer and we like to consider ourselves as no ordinary service-supplier partner either.
The complexity of engaging within our customer eventually became overwhelming and all-consuming for us. To the extent that we felt like we were drowning. We were not handling the relationship well and could not even find the time or space to explore horizons beyond this engagement.
We understood clearly that our situation was untenable. But what to do?
We could not afford a big all-knowing, sophisticated and highly-expensive consultancy firm to take our client engagement problem away.
We desperately needed a firm with a personal touch and a broad skill set who would both advise and walk the path with us, with a true understanding of our dilemmas and where we are.Brent Burgoyne of redvooma came to mind – and so I gave him a call. The rest is history.Brent is now an integral part of our team, and brings his wisdom, experience, depth of knowledge and understanding to bear on what most often appear to us as intractable problems. And with a lightness of being and fullness of integrity, he and his team lift our veil of confusion while at the same time teaching us the art of complex sales and account management. And the team at redvooma provides a substantial additional amount of depth to help us be successful.Having recently been hit by a tsunami of changes, I do not know where we would be without Brent’s presence on our team. I would, without hesitation, recommend Brent and his team at redvooma to work with any business of any size to resolve your problems, dilemmas and challenges.”
Rhys Dyer, Chief Operating Officer, ooba
“We have worked with Brent Burgoyne and his redvooma team on numerous projects over the past three years.Our sales staff and management are always enthused about working with Brent and his team.  He challenges them, gets them to think laterally and creates a collaborative excitement in the business.
In the first and most challenging project, we introduced an insurance product into our mortgage origination distribution force and there was significant resistance to the sale of the product.  We gave Brent significant latitude in the approach he took to assisting us to embed the product as part of the sales process and to increase our sales penetration rate of the product into our mortgage customers.   Brent got our various sales teams to work collaboratively to come up with a sales approach to the product that they jointly designed. Having been part of the solution, they all took ownership of the process and the results were significant.
redvooma has been extremely professional in their approach and have been easy to work with. The most exciting thing for me was the passion with which they approached the delivery of this project, a passion that still exists at its conclusion both in redvooma, and within our sales force.
They have quickly and cheerfully adjusted their plan to take into account changed circumstances, and they have stuck to the budget initially negotiated with them.
By respecting what our people already know, in the course of this process redvooma has helped us to surface and document huge amounts of best practice which now becomes part of our intellectual property, and which our sales force have themselves created.If you are looking for a more sustainable approach to sales coaching than simply throwing more training at the problem, I can highly recommend Brent and the redvooma team.”
Karl Parkinson, Group Sales Manager, Petousis Group of Hotels, including the Vineyard
I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Brent Burgoyne of redvooma since August 2012.
He has been employed by the Petousis Group of Hotels as an external consultant to implement new Sales & Account Management processes as part of a Sales Audit he conducted for the Group some time ago.
Brent’s enthusiasm, insight, and vision for mapping out processes from emergent thinking through to practice have been nothing short of remarkable.
His commitment to the thorough analysis of sales data, his understanding of the human mind (and what makes people ‘tick’), and his ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds across the organization has enabled the Group to significantly shift behaviour.
The process has been underpinned by Brent’s conceptualization, design and build of an Opportunity Management System (OMS), and the Account Management System (AMS), for real time sales opportunities across the Group. As a management tool they have already proved decisive in providing positive results for a more efficient and accountable sales force.I have no hesitation in recommending Brent’s services in sales consulting and executive coaching.


Bradd Bendall, National Sales Manager, ooba
“Brent, thank you for the incredible input and insight you have given to all of us in our larger team”As both a strategic coach to the organization and as a coach to so many of us on an individual basis, your input has been invaluable. As a result of the embedded coaching process we now have, and because of your individual contribution, we have achieved results that have taken other companies years to achieve. We now have a company strike rate of well over 30% – and we were scraping by with less than 14% prior to your involvement.
Your coaching method is without doubt unique – it creates amazing interactions between learners and coaches. This has brought the managers closer to their consultants and for me personally, it has improved my relationships with my managers.
The key is to ensure that your coaching methodology now becomes part of our culture, something the company will forever be richer for. Your help in integrating coaching and performance management was unexpected, but very welcome!
Finally, from a personal point of view, I find you inspiring, enlightening and fun (very important when learning and growing), but more than anything, the best teacher and coach I have ever had working with me. You are an inspiration to so many of us at ooba.”

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