Current hot project – Hotel sales engine

Ten years ago, hotels didn’t really need a sales force. They could open their doors, operate by word-of-mouth, and rely on a steady stream of guests. How the world has changed!

The frenetic 2010 room-building drive for South Africa’s hosting of the soccer World Cup ensured an oversupply of product in a country that didn’t even begin with a shortage. Add in increasingly-picky guests (read: every-smarter and more more-discerning customers) who can very quickly get the skinny on whether your hotel experience is any good or not (TripAdvisor!)

And suddenly there is a need for a hotel sales engine …

We began our project by getting complete executive sponsorship, performed a comprehensive sales audit (our report ran to more than 50 pages, and covered everything: governance, management, markets, systems, processes, technology enablers, account management, opportunity management, marketing alignment, etc) and identified five major domains in which improvements could be made.

We then designed and instituted a Group Sales Council for the purpose of governance, wrote the job spec for, and hired, a Group Sales Manager, instituted Opportunity Management as a discipline, architected and supervised the development of two major online (think 7×24, laptop and iPad-based) technology enablers (the Opportunity Management System and the Account Management System) and shifted the role of the external sales force from ‘sales agents,’ who mostly did ‘pretty picture’ presentations on the hotel’s rooms and restaurants, to that of Account Managers, responsible for growing a portfolio of accounts.

We took our client’s 5,500 previous customers on the database and created streamlined and manageable portfolios of accounts organized by market segment, whose performance (room nights and room revenue) is trackable in real time.

This whole project was run using our Science of Selling™ methodology.

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