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What makes us different?

We believe in respecting what our clients already know, challenging long-standing assumptions by asking hard questions in soft ways, co-creating solutions with our clients (bringing the best of our processes and thinking and adding in the best of their thinking and experience) and walking the path with them to help them achieve measurable results. Read more

What is redvooma?

redvooma is a business/corporate advisory practice with a special focus on helping our clients achieve their objectives through the application of simple, but profound, processes.

We help our clients answer some of the following questions:

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Current hot projects

Hotel sales engine - We are just finishing up with the development and implementation of a complete sales engine at one of Cape Town’s most prestigious private hotel groups.  Read more

Driving local accountability - We are right in the middle of an exciting project to help an Africa-wide energy company execute on its ambitious growth goals by establishing a culture of accountability. Read more

How do we develop a strategy that leads to action and results?

How do we get good at implementation of our plans so that execution happens in the midst of the windstorm of daily work?

How do we develop the competence of our operational managers so that service delivery is what it could be?

How do we rethink our sales engine to reach our revenue potential in sustainable ways?

How can we implement coaching as the way we enable people to deliver work?

Brent Burgoyne

Speaks on Business Reality in 2017

redvooma blog

Simplicity as religion induces stupidity

by Brent Burgoyne - 13 Feb 2013

There is nothing quite like seeing a great principle applied well to lift the spirits – and the antithesis is also true: There is nothing quite as depressing as observing a principle mindlessly driven to its illogical conclusion.

Here’s what got up my nose yesterday: When people in a business setting take a principle that is, on the face of it, great, good common sense, and turn it into a religion, we know they are about to take a headlong dive into the shallow end of the pool. Read more

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