Annual strat session coming up and you’re tired of the same-old-same-old? Are you ready for something completely different?

We think you need Brent Burgoyne, our process artist and Strategy/Exco facilitator.

Call Brent Burgoyne on 082.902.7368 or shoot him an email.

We think most strategy/Exco sessions are quite poorly done. A two-day ‘talk shop’ that goes nowhere and gets buried till next year. We’ve been to a few. And we keep hearing about them. But there is a different way to do things …

We’ll help you re-invent your strategy/Exco process as a living, breathing experience that has a real impact at every level in your organisation – from exec team to first-line managers and their operational teams.

We lead strategy/Exco sessions using conversations structured by a process we call The True Nature of Things. We start with your existing reality, use a process called Group Mind™ to grapple with the difficult questions, and co-create an artefact that represents your chosen direction, the work that needs to be done, and an action list that documents who will do how much of what by when. No more ‘talk shop’ …

Contact Brent Burgoyne at and arrange to sit down for a chat that will result in your getting the strategy/Exco session you really need.

Click here to download our facilitation information document.

“Brent was a key contributor in helping the IS executive team find its core purpose and singularly focus on it. His energy and enthusiasm for the individuals in the team enabled all team members to gel very well and develop a strong team ethos which enabled us to reach our asset growth objectives almost 6 months earlier than planned.”

Derrick Msibi

Managing Director, Investment Solutions, a division of Alexander Forbes


“Brent’s process of deconstructing an elaborate landscape to its basic building blocks and reconstructing a vision from the disparate pieces was inspiring. With a deft touch, Brent set the Board on a path to distil a unique and owned consensus. His energy and enthusiasm were exceeded only by his humour. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Mike Mulcahy, COO, GreenCape

  Sector Development Agency of the Western Cape Provincial                          Government

“Brent facilitated an excellent high level strategic session on a regional renewable energy strategy, and was masterful in teasing out the essence of what was required, and ensuring that the diverse participants reached agreement as to the key elements within the overall strategy.  Despite not having a deep background on the subject, Brent played an excellent role in facilitating a challenging subject, and can be strongly recommended for any such engagements.”

Nigel Gwynne-Evans, Acting Chief Director,

Trade and Sector Development,
Department of Economic Development, Provincial Government of the Western Cape
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