Our flagship product is CATALYST – The First Line Manager development program. And by development program, we mean development journey. It’s not an event. It’s a process. It’s not training. It’s learning.

Our stated objective is nothing less than the transformation and development of first line managers at a fundamental level.

We invite your First Line Managers to start by doing work on themselves, starting from the inside out. And then we equip then with the essential skills to do what they do: Plan, Communicate, Lead their team, Manage performance, Deliver red hot service to customers through their team.

And in the course of this journey we invite them to a state of heightened awareness, to a habit of deep learning and to a commitment to deliver service at enhanced levels.

CATALYST is a six-month process, with just two days a month spent in formal learning. And then we use technology enablers, distance coaching, and the latest in learning practice, to make their journey a deep experience of self-discovery.

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Prior to 1994, first-line management was basically a protected domain for white employees.

The BBBEE codes of good practice gazetted by the government in various incarnations since then have mandated transformation to enable previously-disadvantaged individuals to work in the first-line manager space.

As part of the transformation imperative, through the Employment Equity Act, the government has set transformation targets for all of the domains of work.

The percentage target for black junior management is an aggressive one, which rose in 2012 and will continue to rise over time.
Developing the skills of this increasingly transforming cohort is not only good business sense – it contributes to an enterprise’s BBBEE score.
For those who think that this kind of change in their organization is merely about giving them a license to operate, there is another argument – in terms of redressing the wrongs of the past, it is the right thing to do.

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A CATALYST for action

Our flagship product is an offering called CATALYST – The First Line Manager Development program.

CATALYST is a development program based on the principle of being a process and not an event. We take a cohort of your First Line Managers and put them through a six-month process that focuses on three domains:

  • Knowledge 
  • Skills
  • Attitude  

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consists of seven core modules, and for organizations that have additional needs there are electives.
Each module is an inmersion of sorts – there is a pre-work, there is a post-work, there are audio CDs for listening in the car or at home or for transferring to an Ipod or Smart phone, and there is a small group syndicate work. It’s a procces, as we said not an event.
The seven modules are described here