About us


redvooma has been in existence for 22 years, and is a business / corporate advisory practice with a special focus on helping our clients achieve their objectives through the application of simple, but profound, processes.


We help our clients build simple, effective sales strategies that work. And then we help them implement. And get enhanced results. We have fifteen years of experience in solving sales problems of many different kinds, across an array of industries.



Our Chief Architect of Client Delight is Brent Burgoyne. Brent has more than twenty years of experience in leadership and management development, after beginning his working career in teaching university mathematics. He is an unconventional systems thinker with a passion for unleashing the energy and creativity of the groups he is working with. It’s not surprising that he has been an effective coach to executives, managers and individual contributors.

He has worked on many projects where there was a service delivery or performance problem to solve, and he has developed a solid body of experience in helping organisations get measurable results through working with the collective wisdom of the workforce.

Brent has huge amounts of energy, a significant ability to connect with people of all profiles, and is omni-interested. His best thinking often takes place during his pre-dawn run with one of his Dobermans on the mountain behind his home.


Our Operations Director is Nadia Gaidien. Nadia manages our finances, looks after service delivery to clients, and generally makes the trains run on time. She has superb attention to detail and endless patience in making sure things are e-x-a-c-t-l-y right. Nadia loves the whole world of mobile, and if she had her way, we would be running our whole business off smartphones.


Our Head of Research and Product Development (aka  Chief Geek) is Mike Burgoyne. Mike’s specialty is to be found at both ends of the spectrum: He is the master of the very large (he has the full picture in his head) as well as the guru of the very small (he never misses detail – a sparrow doesn’t fall from the sky at redvooma without him knowing it). In fact he reminds us of Dr Benjamin Jowett (1817 – 1893) of Oxford University’s Balliol College, the last man who can reasonably be supposed to have known everything:

I am the venerable Dr Jowett.

If it’s knowledge, then I know it.

I am the Master of this College,

If I don’t know it, it isn’t knowledge.

It could be that Google plays a part in Mike’s mastery …

Johannesburg-Cape Town South Africa +27829027368 brent@redvooma.com