What makes us different?

We believe in respecting what our clients already know, challenging long-standing assumptions by asking hard questions in soft ways, co-creating solutions with our clients (bringing the best of our processes and thinking and adding in the best of their thinking and experience) and walking the path with them to help them achieve measurable results.

We often begin by facilitating our client’s annual off-site strategy meetings. Our unique contribution here is in creating a flowing strategy conversation (no presentations!) which begins with exploring purpose and value creation and ends with ‘chunking’ the work to be done, into nice, light projects. We like this approach because projects have an owner, a starting point and an ending point, clear deliverables, embedded risk management, and a communication plan.

We are obsessed with implementation – and have a bias for action – and we always provide guidance on how to get strategy implemented in measurable ways.

Often these strategy conversations surface pieces of work the client needs to be done – it could be doing an audit of the existing sales system in the business, or designing and implementing a leadership coaching methodology, or deploying Catalyst, our first-line manager development program, or doing some executive coaching for high potentials or even for seasoned, senior managers who are struggling.

Sometimes clients wonder how we can work effectively in an industry that is new to us. On the one hand, we have done this immersing ourselves in a new industry so often now that we are quite familiar with a fair number of industries. On the other hand, there is real value in having someone who comes from outside of your industry without specialized expertise, and asks a whole collection of deep, seemingly naïve questions – this deep diving is exactly what surfaces and challenges assumptions, and allows us to make the unique contribution we do.

We have always operated at right angles to conventional wisdom – our sense is that this is where the valuable insights are. The last thing in the world as you want is a business partner who sees the world in exactly the same way that everyone else does. As Steve Jobs said, we ‘Think Different.’

If what makes us different appeals to you, please shoot an email to Brent Burgoyne by clicking here.