What Type of Leader Are You? Using the Enneagram System to Identify and Grow Your Leadership Strengths and Achieve Maximum Success [Paperback]

Ginger Lapid-Bogda (Author)

Publication Date: April 23, 2007

Every leader has a number! Millions of people around the world use the nine-point Enneagram system to analyze their personality strengths. Now for the first time, renowned Enneagram expert Ginger Lapid-Bogda shows how to use this personality typing system to reach your full potential as a leader and to pinpoint your core leadership style.

Reader reviews from

Required Reading! September 30, 2008 - By Ruth K. Landis

This book is a required reading for all my coaching clients. It is clear, accessible, and provides tools for immediate application in personal life and career. Lapid-Bogda goes beyond a typing system, and provides a map for self development and self mastery. Her section on writing e-mails is fantastic and provides amazing insight on how to bring awareness into everyday communication. My clients are blown away by how easy it is to implement her strategies. I was very impressed by her section on optimal decision making. This is a must read for anyone who wants to explore the enneagram and its usefulness in the work setting.

Engaging and Accessible, September 29, 2008 -By David Warner (Santa Rosa, CA USA)

This is a terrific book for leaders and for those who work with them. Doesn't that describe just about everyone? Never has the Enneagram been so elegantly intertwined with business leadership competencies. The systemic perspective provided in What Type of Leader Are You? has great value and broad applicability for leaders and non-leaders alike. The author's easy style, detailed descriptions and real-life examples make the book fun and useful. If you're interested in a great read articulating how the power and wisdom of the Enneagram can provide tools for self-insight, enhanced leadership effectiveness and organizational improvement, I highly recommend this book.

A "Must Read" For Every Leader, September 29, 2008 - By PeninsulaMatt (San Carlos, CA)

This is THE BEST book on using the Enneagram for leadership development. Ginger Lapid-Bogda maintains the power and depth of the Enneagram while making it accessible to leaders of all levels and in all types of organizations. Using proven organizational development models, you'll easily relate to the descriptions of your type and get practical, effective suggestions for how you can develop and grow as a leader. In fact, it will help you develop the leadership skills for everyone on your group as well. If you are a leader today or would like to be one in the future, this book is for you!