The Future of Management [Hardcover]

Gary Hamel (Author)

Release date: September 10, 2007

What fuels long-term business success? Not operational excellence, technology breakthroughs, or new business models, but management innovation - new ways of mobilizing talent, allocating resources, and formulating strategies. Through history, management innovation has enabled companies to cross new performance thresholds and build enduring advantages. In "The Future of Management", Gary Hamel argues that organizations need management innovation now more than ever. Why? The management paradigm of the last century - centred on control and efficiency - no longer suffices in a world where adaptability and creativity drive business success. To thrive in the future, companies must reinvent management.Hamel explains how to turn your company into a serial management innovator, revealing: the make-or-break challenges that will determine competitive success in an age of relentless, head-snapping change; the toxic effects of traditional management beliefs; the unconventional management practices generating breakthrough results in 'modern management pioneers'; the radical principles that will need to become part of every company's 'management DNA'; and, the steps your company can take now to build your 'management advantage'. Practical and profound, "The Future of Management" features examples from Google, W.L. Gore, Whole Foods, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy, and other blue-ribbon management innovators.

Reader reviews from

Love the ideas in this book, March 3, 2012 – By Anne Wise Fuller (Sacramento, CA United States)

I've been following Dr. Hamel's work for several years and I really think he has hit on something with this book. He is right tht management practices have NOT kept pace with the huge techological and social changes in our modern societies. I particularly like the 'flowers blooming' example to engage associates across the company spectrum by providing a mechanism to allow them to self select a small project to work on rather than spend 100% of their time working on what has been 'handed to them' by their managers and supervisors. Some great insights here on managers and motivations. It dovetails nicely with "Drive" by Daniel Pink.

A break through book with a break through message, March 31, 2009 – By M.U.L.F.O.N.A.L "UL" (Toronto, Canada)

Thomas Friedman did the world a favor by writing 'The World is Flat'. Gary Hammel has done the same. Management is no longer just about the same rules that were so critical during the industrial age. Gary Hammel talks candidly about the the current static state of thought in managerial circles and points out the hazards of not changing the way managers look at existing business processes.
He clearly outlines the steps that management needs to take to keep itself competitive. Gary Hammel uses real world examples of Google, Whirlpool, WL Gore and Toyota to provide a reference point for all readers. I highly recommend this book for any student of Management.