Quiet Leadership: Six Steps to Transforming Performance at Work [Paperback]

David Rock (Author)

Improving the performance of your employees involves one of the hardest challenges in the known universe: changing the way they think. In constant demand as a coach, speaker, and consultant to companies around the world, David Rock has proven that the secret to leading people (and living and working with them) is found in the space between their ears. "If people are being paid to think," he writes, "isn't it time the business world found out what the thing doing the work, the brain, is all about?" Supported by the latest groundbreaking research, Quiet Leadership provides a brain-based approach that will help busy leaders, executives, and managers improve their own and their colleagues' performance. Rock offers a practical, six-step guide to making permanent workplace performance change by unleashing higher productivity, new levels of morale, and greater job satisfaction.

Reader reviews from

Involve Them in the Conversation November 7, 2007 - By Dennis DeWilde author of
"The Performance Connection"

When telling does not work, "Why not try asking questions?" might be another way to describe the "Quiet Leadership" approach advocated by training and coaching consultant David Rock in this book that describes his performance coaching methodology of leadership. Designed to get the other party to think, rather than react to your thinking, Rock presents his Six Steps to Transforming Performance as the six sigma of performance coaching. Others might describe the process as respecting the individual (looking for the positive and the possibilities) and using an active listening process to help them get clear on the issues, constraints, and possible solutions. However you say it, the thinking behind the coaching process is solid as a `Rock' and any leader interested in developing the potential of his/her people might pick-up some useful tips from reading this book.

Provides the science behind why coaching works + a process, December 8, 2010 – By Carolann Jacobs (Plano, TX)

David Rock has collected the highlights of the latest research in neuroscience to create both the explanation and a process for achieving better performance faster using a brain-friendly approach. The style is much easier to read than many others on the topic.
This book is part of the recommended reading for my Improve Performance NOW! leadership development program.

The Quiet Leadership model provides a toolkit for providing feedback without bring threatening and creating a results-oriented environment that gets better results than problem-solving. The only reason I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is that as my clients begin to work with the process, sometimes they have challenges with the order of things. The process can sometimes feel muddled. That said, I have used this model with great success with my clients, and my executives report huge improvements when they use this model with their employees, spouses and children.
(Carolann Jacobs, Executive Coach and founder of Vivid Epiphany Brain-Based Coaching and Consulting)