Our solutions

Sales Force Transformation™ is our flagship intervention for ramping up sales across the sales force by a process of sales leader development, experiential learning of a complex sales process, field work with actual or potential clients, coaching for results and learning. Download our information document.

The Science of Selling™ is our product for professional services firms who want to be more systematic about how they find and close new engagements. Download our one-pager.

But you may be interested in deploying just some of the component parts of SFT and SOS. Here is a list, in detail, of our  products and services.

Sales Strategy workshops - We can facilitate your sales strategy sessions. We have experience in many industries, and our session with your team will produce a focused, activity orientated strategy that can be executed right away.

Creating Solutions with Clients™, our CREATE™ Sales Methodology workshop. CREATE™ is our proprietary complex sales process, developed over fifteen years and used in many environments.

Sales plan - Development of a concrete sales plan, with action items - Who will do How Much of What by When?

Sales Manager coaching - The Sales Manager is the key leverage point for your entire team. We help Sales Managers become fully effective.

Pipeline development - Developing and maintaining a sales pipeline.

Opportunity Assessment (using our 25-part assessment tool), deployed by an Opportunity Review Team.

Field assessments - we have client-engagement assessment tools which can be deployed to give you a scientific view of what is actually going on when you consultants interact with your clients. We provide a report and recommendations.

Pursuit-specific work. You may be stuck in pursuing a particular client. We will have a consultant join your Opportunity Team and contribute to getting the opportunity moving again.

To have a chat with us about how we might be able to help you, please click here to shoot us an email.