Our approach to selling

It has been said that “selling is the second oldest profession, often confused with the first.” It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially if our intent is always to help our client get a solution that exactly meets their needs.

Our approach is to first apply Radical Clarity. We tell you what we think, we don’t play games. What you see is what you get. We believe that authenticity is the bedrock of creating relationships of trust. And you can’t sell sustainably without trust.

We apply the principle of Group Mind in all our engagements with clients. You may need help with some things, but the amount of deep insight living in the heads of your people in the sales force is a critical component in finding the best solution. We always put the best of our thinking together with the best of your thinking. We have processes for surfacing insight, and they are part of our solution methodology. We know we’ll always create and deploy the best solution when we respect what your sales force already knows, and when we collaborate deeply with you.

Emergence is another key piece of our approach. In any complex environment, the relationship between cause and effect may not be obvious. We favour rapid prototyping and the application of iterative solutions. This doesn’t mean we are cavalier in any way. There’s a science behind this.

Finally, the thread of a Customer Focus, both toward you, our client, and also in working with your consultants towards your clients, is an ever-present emphasis.

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