Implementation – the discipline of getting things done

An executive team may have a plan for the business, and it might be a very good plan, and yet they might struggle to implement it on a day-to-day basis – and get the desired, measurable results.

In our experience, there are perfectly good reasons for this – and yet there are no good excuses.

The first reason is that running the business on a day-to-day basis – dealing with the crises that pop up routinely and unexpectedly – can move the focus of those who implement your strategy from the long-term to the very short term.

We call this, ‘Being Caught in the Windstorm.’

The second reason is that implementation of your strategy must occur within the context of a culture of accountability and the effective processes to drive it. Simple stuff, and yet very profound and a complete prerequisite for getting results. Many people tell us this is common sense – and our experience is that it is not common practice.

Our Getting Execution Right strategy implementation process always gets customized around your particular business realities, is delivered in a two-day workshop for a teams of managers whose responsibility it is to drive growth in the business, and is supported by a coaching process to enable ‘Getting Execution Right’ to take root.

We have most recently delivered this product to a multinational energy company. One of the country managers recently said this about our work with him:

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