From Rhys Dyer, COO, ooba

“We have worked with Brent Burgoyne and his redvooma team on numerous projects over the past three years. 

Our sales staff and management are always enthused about working with Brent and his team.  He challenges them, gets them to think laterally and creates a collaborative excitement in the business.  In addition, Brent has become a personal mentor and coach to many of our sales staff and many of them still keep in contact with him for advice and coaching. 

In the first and most challenging project, we introduced an insurance product into our mortgage origination distribution force and there was significant resistance to the sale of the product.  We gave Brent significant latitude in the approach he took to assisting us to embed the product as part of the sales process and to increase our sales penetration rate of the product into our mortgage customers.   Brent got our various sales teams to work collaboratively to come up with a sales approach to the product that they jointly designed. Having been part of the solution, they all took ownership of the process and the results were significant. 

redvooma has been extremely professional in their approach and have been easy to work with. The most exciting thing for me was the passion with which they approached the delivery of this project, a passion that still exists at its conclusion both in redvooma, and within our sales force. They have quickly and cheerfully adjusted their plan to take into account changed circumstances, and they have stuck to the budget initially negotiated with them.

By respecting what our people already know, in the course of this process redvooma has helped us to surface and document huge amounts of best practice which now becomes part of our intellectual property, and which our sales force have themselves created.

If you are looking for a more sustainable approach to sales coaching than simply throwing more training at the problem, I can highly recommend Brent and the redvooma team.”

- Rhys Dyer, Chief Operating Officer, ooba