From Mark Acton of Mobinomics

“Mobinomics is a young, niche telecoms IT consultancy with ambitious plans (staff complement of 40). We have experienced rapid growth in size over the last 12 months within a single customer. It’s no ordinary customer and we like to consider ourselves as no ordinary service-supplier partner either. The complexity of engaging with our customer eventually became overwhelming and all-consuming for us. To the extent that we felt like we were drowning. We were not handling the relationship well and could not even find the time or space to explore horizons beyond this engagement. We understood clearly that our situation was untenable.

But what to do? We could not afford a big all-knowing, sophisticated and highly-expensive consultancy firm to take our client engagement problem away. We desperately needed a firm with a personal touch and a broad skill set who would both advise and walk the path with us, with a true understanding of our dilemmas and where we are.

Brent Burgoyne of redvooma came to mind - and so I gave him a call. The rest is history.

Brent is now an integral part of our team, and brings his wisdom, experience, depth of knowledge and understanding to bear on what most often appear to us as intractable problems. And with a lightness of being and fullness of integrity, he and his team lift our veil of confusion while at the same time teaching us the art of complex sales and account management. And the team at redvooma provides substantial additional amount of depth to help us be successful.

Having recently been hit by a tsunami of changes, I do not know where we would be without Brent’s presence on our team. I would, without hesitation, recommend Brent and his team at redvooma to work with any business of any size to resolve your problems, dilemmas and challenges.

-  Mark Acton, Managing Director, Mobinomics