Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values [Hardcover]

Fred Kofman (Author)

Publication Date: October 1, 2006

More and more business leaders are catching on to an often-overlooked fact: consciousness is our basic faculty for survival and success. Without it, we forget what's important to us and lose sight of the steps we might take to reach those goals. Conscious business, explains Fred Kofman, means shining this awareness on every area of your work: in recognizing the needs of others and expressing your own in seeing the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding your team back in making good decisions under pressure and even in delving into such spiritual questions as Who am I and What is my real purpose here? In Conscious Business, this visionary teacher and consultant to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and other leading companies presents the complete training manual in the breakthrough techniques he has shared with over 20,000 executives on four continents.

Reader reviews from

A remarkable read...., October 10, 2006 – By Don Johnson (Philadelphia, PA)

Kofman has gone deep sea fishing and has located some of life's hidden treasures that reside beneath the surface. For anyone who has read "Good to Great" and has wondered, "Well how do you can you become a Level 5 leader?", Kofman presents some very practical tools that can make this a reality. He has deciphered some sophisticated theory and has made it quite accessible.

What Tim Gallwey did in the 70's with the Inner Game, Kofman is doing that and more in 2006: connecting real business practices with underlying principles of integity,true responsibility and deep self awareness. This is a wonderful read and a great book!

Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values, March 15, 2012 – By Steve

Kofman provided insights into integrity and observations related to effective use of communication and dialogue. For example, in his description of ontological arrogance, something we have all encountered, he brings in self-reflection as the reader distinguishes the personal differences between one's identity and one's opinion. By use of introspection and real-life examples, Kofman opens a window into effective communication and authentic interpersonal relations.

This book would be of tremendous help to people that depend on communication in their lives, both business and personal. The understanding of "why" another communicates is a certain way compounded with how one hears and interprets is a powerful combination in every aspect of life. Being an executive with over 25 years of leadership experience and a current doctoral candidate, I gained tremendous knowledge upon reading Kofman's book. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to improve their ability to lead, manage, or collaborate with others!