CATALYST: The seven core modules

Module One – Starting with Self

An exploration of personal purpose, an invitation to do work on self, starting from the inside out, to create a context for the learning to come.

Module Two – Organisational Context

How my work as a manager contributes to both implementation of company strategy and delivery of enhanced service to the customer.

Module Three – Planning Systemically  

A comprehensive process for taking any piece of work and chunking it into components, and then building a plan that takes into account organisational complexities.

Module Four – Communication

How to talk, how to present, how to listen, how to e-mail, how to use other electronic communication tools, especially within the context of creating a shared purpose in a team.

Module Five – Managing Performance

How to assign work, perform performance reviews, and hold accountable.

Module Six – Leading Your Team

How to create a sense of purpose in a team, how to manage interpersonal complexities, and how to keep a team focused on an end goal.

Model Seven – Getting Execution Right

How to pull it all together in getting a team to deliver value to the customer, so that your service delivery goes up a level – and to do it in a sustainable way.

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