Bradd Bendall – National Sales Manager, ooba

“Brent, thank you for the incredible input and insight you have given to all of us in our larger team.

As both a strategic coach to the organization and as a coach to so many of us on an individual basis, your input has been invaluable. As a result of the embedded coaching process we now have, and because of your individual contribution, we have achieved results that have taken other companies years to achieve. We now have a company strike rate of well over 30% - and we were scraping by with less than 14% prior to your involvement.

Your coaching method is without doubt unique – it creates amazing interactions between learners and coaches. This has brought the managers closer to their consultants and for me personally, it has improved my relationships with my managers.

The key is to ensure that your coaching methodology now becomes part of our culture, something the company will forever be richer for. Your help in integrating coaching and performance management was unexpected, but very welcome!

Finally, from a personal point of view, I find you inspiring, enlightening and fun (very important when learning and growing), but more than anything, the best teacher and coach I have ever had working with me. You are an inspiration to so many of us at ooba.”